Comments from Movemasters Customers
  1. "I had a small apartment move from downtown Denver to Baker. Even though my move was small I felt it was important to Movemasters that all should go well. They arrived on time, took good care of my furniture, and were right on estimate."
    Michael Slater
  2. "We've had 6 moves over the last 25 years with Movemasters, and I was just as happy with the last move as with the first. If you want to avoid the worry about having all your possessions handled the right way, hire this company! I long ago came to realize that I don't have to worry about the special things like antiques, art, and china with them. The owner is a really responsible guy and we have enjoyed working with him over the years. Because they are a relatively small company you may need to book somewhat ahead. Their rates are very competitive."
    Betsy Marberry-Morris
  3. "Movemasters moved our residence some years ago and just recently moved the offices of my law firm. They made the moving much less difficult than we anticipated. The crew and management of Movemasters know how to work very professionally with building managers and handle logistics of a move. Everyone from the crew to the office staff was a pleasure to deal with."
    Thomas Gibson- Jester, Gibson, & Moore, LLP