Move Green 

Recognizing that all companies as well as individuals must make an effort to strive to be as environmentally friendly and low-impact as possible, Movemasters has initiated certain company policies. These include:
RECYCLE! When possible we will provide used packing cartons at 1/2 the cost of new packing boxes. We also encourage all clients to contact us after unpacking in your new residence to take advantage of our free pickup of all recyclable cardboard boxes and packing paper. Even if the boxes are not reusable, we will make sure the cardboard is recycled through a special program with Allied Waste Services.
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY MATERIALS. We try to use a minimum of non-recyclable materials for packing. Blank newsprint paper is sufficient for most padding requirements, and we will only use plastic materials (such as bubble wrap) when absolutely necessary. We use and can provide for your use biodegradable "peanuts" for packing which are made from a cornstarch base instead of Styrofoam. These are immediately dissolvable in water.
LOW-SULFUR DIESEL FUEL. Unfortunately there are no reliable hybrid alternatives for moving vans. Since we must burn diesel fuel in our vehicles we use only the lowest sulfur blend available to minimize air pollutants.
YOU CAN HELP… Almost everyone does an "edit" of his possessions before moving. When you are preparing for your move and getting rid of unwanted possessions it is a very good time to use recycling resources. When possible it is best to donate items to charitable organizations. Beyond that there may be unusable items such as old computers, etc. that are best recycled through specific organizations. We are happy to provide you with a resource guide for getting rid of such items in the most responsible way.